June 8, 2017
Dear Harvest Supporter,
I am writing this letter after texting with Tom and Ginger Schmidt in Haiti. On Tuesday, June 6th, they traveled to Haiti to spend time with Jason, Maurice, and Caleb. Today I received a text from Ginger saying “Caleb peacefully slipped away just now while I was tending to him”. I had to read the text several times before grasping the reality of what I was reading. Praise the Lord that Tom and Ginger were there to enjoy being with Caleb before he went home to be with the Lord.
The staff and I enjoyed spending some time in May with Dhan and Dolly Lalsee as they came to Ocala to visit many of their supporters. The Board of Directors also had an opportunity to spend time with them as we held our 2nd quarter meeting to coincide with the Lalsee’s visit. It was a very encouraging time for all of us as well as for Dhan and Dolly.
By the time you read this letter Ray Nelson will be in Ghana, Africa for a one-week Pastor’s conference and a week of outreach. After his two weeks there, he will travel to India for six months. Please continue to pray for Ray as he follows the Lord in ministry.
Although school has only been out for a week, our “Harvesting at Home” ministry is already busy planning their back to school projects. Nothing like getting a jump on upcoming events. Please feel free to contact Yvonne at yrcarreiro@gmail.com or cassie@harvestinternational.org if you have some new school supplies you would like to donate.
Another container of relief supplies was delivered to Rod and Debbie Wray last month. The report from Rod is that the supplies were great and much needed. There was a variety of supplies on this last container that is being used to rebuild and repair the camp. Please keep praying for them. There is still lots of work to be accomplish.
Our second quarter Newsletter with the latest information on all our missionaries will be posted to the Harvest website by the end of June. This newsletter will have information that I do not have room for in this one page letter.
As always, thank you for your continued prayerful and financial support. Our prayer for you is that the Lord will continue to bless you for your faithfulness to the missionaries that you support each month.
God bless you,
Danny Thomas, Director
Harvest International, Inc.

Harvest International is a Christian ministry organization acting as facilitator in assisting Christians who are called of God to meet the physical needs of poor people around the world and empowering them as they earn the right to minister to their spiritual needs.

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