September 15, 2016
Dear Harvest Supporters,
My goal has always been to use this statement letter to give you a little information about each of our missionaries on the field. This month I am going to use this letter to give you information about what we have been doing over the last 30 days. Enjoy!
The last two weeks of August we shipped two containers full of supplies. The first container went to Haiti and was full of supplies for Camp Mahanaim. Lots of Sports equipment for all the teams that meet there along with 20 toilets were included. As you can see from the pictures below, we also loaded a truck.
The second was full of medical supplies for a new Hospital in Sierra Leone, Africa. A local church in Ocala collected medical supplies and equipment to send to Liberia but because of shipping requirements were unable to send it. The Pastor of the church asked me if I could find a home for the supplies and I told him yes. We sent 20 pallets of supplies and a car.
I spent the first week of September visiting as many of our locations as I could. I was pleased that the Lord gave us great weather, a truck that worked well, and many good meetings with lots of people I haven’t seen in a while. The first meeting was with Pastor Etienne Charles who I had not seen in over 5 years.
After my visit with Pastor Etienne we drove to O’Cayes to visit with Rod & Debbie Wray at Camp Mahanaim. What a great blessing the camp is to the community. I also got to be a part of the Sunday School program in Renault where 1,200 children come every Sunday morning.
We left on Sunday afternoon, spent the night in Port-au-Prince and drove to Gonaives on Monday. I spent most of the day with Pastor Charlie and several hours with Pastor Sylvestre. I was able to be at Charlie’s Champions Orphanage when the food boxes arrived. The children were very excited and all pitched in to help off load the boxes.
Your financial donations to Harvest International make it possible for us to continue to support our missionaries on the field. Please pray for us as the Lord calls us to your memory. Remember, we pray for you each time we see your name.
God bless you,

Harvest International is a Christian ministry organization acting as facilitator in assisting Christians who are called of God to meet the physical needs of poor people around the world and empowering them as they earn the right to minister to their spiritual needs.

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