I am writing to inform you of a near death accident that Sandra and I were involved in. On Friday, May 5, 2017, Sandra and I were on our way to Tampa for a weekend of shopping and visiting with family. We were also going to share “God’s Not Dead II” with Sandra’s sister and brother-in-law. We were traveling south on I-75 at 70 mph when I lost control of the van and ran into a concrete guardrail. The van rolled over on the right side and we skid across two lanes of traffic (without hitting anyone or anyone hitting us) and ended up on the grass easement with the van resting on its right side. (Miracle #1)
Within minutes, 10 or more people came to our rescue. They tried to roll the van back upright but it was too heavy. Everyone that came worked hard at trying to get us out of the van. One of the people that came to our rescue was a Christian ER Trauma Nurse who was traveling two cars behind us. (Miracle #2)
The ambulance arrived within a few more minutes and the paramedics went to work on getting us out of the van. The only way out was through the rear tailgate window that they had to break out. They pulled Sandra out first and then came back for me. They put us both on body boards and secured our necks. Once we were secure, the ER nurse felt comfortable leaving and came up to both of us and said, “Tell me your names”. Then she said, “I’ll be praying for both of you as I travel today.” Praise the Lord!
We were taken to the hospital in Dade City to ensure that we had no serious injuries. Sandra was in worse physical condition than I was. We both had bruises on our chest and great soreness due to the seatbelt and airbag keeping us inside the van. Sandra had great pain in her right hip and I prayed that she did not have a broken hip. Praise the Lord, x-rays showed that her right hip is severely bruised causing lots of pain to walk, sit, stand, lay down and just moving around. I have great soreness in my chest especially where the airbag hit me. After five hours in the hospital and many test, we were released to go home. (Miracle #3)
Our daughter Belinda came to get us from Ocala and took us home. My son Dan wanted to come get us but he has a Jeep with large tires and is high off the ground. There was no way that Sandra could have gotten in without two people to pick her up and get her in the Jeep. We had a somewhat restless night trying to find comfort as we laid in bed but we made it through the night.
I have shared all the above information because it is a testimony of God’s Mercy and Grace. There is no way that either Sandra or I should be alive today. (Miracle #4)
At the very least one or both of us should have been seriously injured. (Miracle #5)
I hit that concrete guardrail at 70 mph. We are both alive and although in lots of physical pain are on the mend. Praise the Lord for His Mercy and Grace in our lives. There is no doubt in my mind that God had a host of angels surrounding the van and kept us from great bodily harm and spared our lives.
As you pray for our recovery please thank the Lord for His Mercy and Grace in our lives. I cannot say it enough. Thank you JESUS, THANK you JESUS, THANK YOU JESUS!
Blessings ...

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