Alan | Pam
On Valentine’s Day 2005, Alan and Pam moved to Kenya, East Africa to establish a home for AIDS orphans and abandoned children. The home, which we called The Haven, was begun on a rental property in Eldoret town. Mary Bahati, the wife of their beloved Kenyan pastor, Ben Bahati, had already established a girls’ home called Fresh Start, which was also on a rental property in the same neighborhood as the Haven.
In 2008, the Mays returned to the States to live, and the Lord provided a place for a permanent home for The Haven and Fresh Start kids. The new home is located in the village called Jua Kali, which is outside of Eldoret town. The merged children’s homes are now called the GFE Children’s Home. GFE (Global Field Evangelism) is the official title of the umbrella organization led by Ben and Mary Bahati. The names Haven and Fresh Start are the unofficial names of the two dormitories of the new home in Jua Kali.

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