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Austin Truelove was born and raised in Haiti to missionary parents. In 2006, he traveled to the United States for higher education and obtained a Bachelors of Art in Business Administration in 2011 from College OfThe Ozarks. His passion for small business in underdeveloped countries became a focal point during his studies. Before and during his college career, he started three businesses and co-founded a community radio station in his home village of Sentrain, Haiti. He has returned annually for short visits.
Kaelee was born and raised in Missouri. A missionary legacy had long been established in her family tree with Grandmother serving for 60 years, as of 2016. Like Austin, Kaelee felt called to overseas missions at an early age. She also went to College Of The Ozarks where she studied Philosophy & Religion, earning a Bachelors of Art in 2009. During her college career, she traveled to Mexico and Tanzania seeking God's calling for her life. Little did she know that things where about change for better or worse very quickly.
In January of 2009, weeks after her Tanzania trip, Kaelee met Austin and invited him to dinner at her family's home. Two weeks later, Austin knew she was the one. On December 19th, 2009, Kaelee and Austin were united in marriage. Fast forward seven years, they have been blessed with four beautiful children: Sabashtian (6), Katianna (4), Majolie (2), and Mirette (>1). Kaelee and Austin share a great desire to serve God by serving others. In the fall of 2016, Harvest International, Inc. welcomed Kaelee and Austin into the Harvest family. Harvest's motto "Physically and Spiritually Touching Lives" directly corresponds with the Truelove's mission which comes from Matthew chapters 25 & 28. Their purpose is five-fold: "Feed the Hungry; Clothe the Naked; Shelter the Homeless; Care for the Sick; and Share Christ's Love & Hope."
We encourage you to continually lift the Truelove Family up to the Father in prayer. Pray that they would be sensitive to the Spirit and His guidance. We also ask that you prayerfully consider supporting the Truelove Family with your finances and resources. May God's enduring love be with you always.

Harvest International is a non-denominational Christian-based ministry whose purpose is to “Empower people to fulfil the call of God in their lives.”


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