Virgin Isles
Motorsports Outreach
Woman's Prison Ministry
Men's Ministry
The Technical Exchange For Christian Healthcare
A non-denominational, Christian orga-nization founded to promote the gospel by helping to improve the efficiency and quality of care provided by medical mission groups and agencies worldwide.
The construction of homes for needy Mexican people is the main form of outreach for this ministry.
A mission community of Christ-centered people committed to reaching the people of Cuba with the gospel of Jesus Christ, by building and empowering the Cuban Evangelical Christian Church,  and uniting those who can help with Cuban Christians who need help.
Thank you for allowing us
to be a part of the Harvest team!
Now He who supplies seed to the sower and bread for food, will supply and multiply your seed for sowing and increase the harvest of your righteousness.
~2 Corinthians 9:10~
Assisting those whose lives have been dramatically impacted by natural forces beyond their control resulting in the loss of basic shelter, sanitation, and the availability of water.
We share your interests and have resolved to work with local, national, and international aid agencies to provide these basic elements of survival.
IMOH's mission is to improve the lives of our impoverished brothers and sisters in Haiti and around the world through worship, education, and health care. Our mission is to be used by God to help raise up a new generation that will literally change the course of Haiti's history.
Camp Mahanaim
"This is God's Camp"
Genesis 32:2
Our goal is to work together with the MEBSH (Mission Evangelistic Baptist Southern Haiti) and their existing school system, in which they have more than 400 schools throughout southern Haiti. Throughout the school year we desire to host 200 school children (ages 11 & 12 yrs) per week at the camp, teaching them health care, life skills, and how to live in a growing, changing world—all from the biblical perspective.
Because of the prevalence of voodoo in the Haitian culture, children with handicaps or medical problems are often thought to be cursed. Some of these children are starved to death or abandoned. Others are brought to Notre Maison by family members who simply can't take care of their child with special needs.
The Watson Children’s Foundation was founded by Richard J. Watson and his wife, the late Lucress Watson. The Watson’s were moved by the plight of children who live outside of the reach of most assistance programs and decided to help the poorest and most helpless children in the world and focus on poor children and the things that most affect their survival and health.
MedSend enables highly qualified and dedicated healthcare professionals to serve spiritually and physically needy people around the world in the name of Christ. We do this by making their monthly educational loan payments while they serve.
Harvest International is partnering with Crossroads Alliance to feed America's hungry.
Their purpose is to immediately respond to victims of natural disasters both in the United States and in other parts of the world, where the organization is feasibly capable of doing so, by providing hope and appropriate relief supplies.