Harvest International's Child Sponsorship Program offers you the opportunity to help make a difference in the lives of children. With your support you can help provide food, clothing, shelter, medical care and education to children in need. More importantly, you will be helping to spread the wonderful news of Jesus Christ through Biblical training. It is important to us that children are given a firm foundation Biblically so that they can grow up to impact their families and community for the Lord Jesus Christ.
Sponsorship is $25.00 a month or $300 for the year.
This allows the children to be in a caring environment where they receive:
shelter, food, clothing, education, and knowledge of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
Garden Of Joy School located on a mountain in Thomassin, Haiti. The school serves over 600 students from Petit Section/K-3 (3 year olds) all the way to Philo/Grade 13 (20+ year olds), providing them with food, care and a Christian Education.
Charlie's Champions and In His Hands are children's orphanages in Gonaives, Haiti. Charlie's Champions is led by a Haitian Paster, Charlie Dieudonne and In His Hands is led by a Haitian Pastor, Sylvester Sineus. These orphanages were started in 2004 after Hurricane Jeanne hit Haiti and destroyed most of the city. Many children were left on the streets with no family or home to go to. Pastors Charlie and Sylvester gathered the children that they could and made homes for them. Sponsorship for Charlie's Champions is for the entire orphanage, not individual children.
House Of Hope is located in Odessa, Ukraine. It was started by late Harvest missionary Lela Steel as a home for teenage boys who had nowhere to go. They receive vocational training and Christian instruction. The goal is to evangelize Ukraine one family at a time by raising Godly husbands and fathers after leaving the orphanage. Sponsorship for House of Hope is for the entire orphanage, not individual children.
Jerusalem School is located in Gonaives, Haiti and has over 100 children who attend a classic or technical class. Jerusalem supports children of poor families by providing them with food, tuition and textbooks.
Shiloh Children's Home is located in Haiti and is run by Harvest missionaries Tom & Ginger Schmidt. They started SCH in 2010 to provide a Christ centered family home for orphans and amputees; teaching the children to live for the Glory of God and be contributing members of their society.
The Haven is an orphanage in Kenya (Africa) that began in 2005 by Harvest missionaries Alan & Pam May. They started the orphanage to house children who were abandoned in the streets, abused and neglected.
When you sign up to become a child sponsor you will receive a Picture Prayer Card that includes a photo and background information on your sponsored child. We encourage communication between you and your child, so you have the opportunity to write letters and share pictures with your boy or girl. The ultimate gift of love is to travel to another country on a mission trip to visit your child.

Harvest International is a non-denominational Christian-based ministry whose purpose is to “Empower people to fulfil the call of God in their lives.”


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